About us


This service is a reliable banner exchange service for dating websites. We focus our attention on dating site and do not work with other kinds of sites.


By becoming a member of this network, you get an access to:
- selling your advertising spots by placing banners on your pages and receiving immediate CPM-based monetary reward;
- exchanging your advertising spots for the traffic coming back to your website from similar services;
- buying targeted dating traffic without placing banners on your pages.

You might also prefer this network to others because you can receive both monetary rewards and traffic blend. It’s easy with us to choose the way you monetize the displayed ads: Just as you place banners on your pages you start collecting credits every time your page is displayed. Don’t forget to choose how you get your credits – by receiving more traffic, by receiving cash, or both. The ratio can be changed anytime. Your banner’s performance will be transferred into easily accessible detailed statistics.